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2019 IEEE RFID-TA : An Ultra-wideband Battery-less Positioning System for Space Applications

Here is the Arxiv link to the paper that we presented to RFID-TA which is a project that we worked on for ESA. We developed in collaboration with the University of Bologna an UWB position system that worked in real time and was powered remotely.

ITWIST 2018: “An extreme bit-rate reduction scheme for 2D radar localization”

This the poster that I presented at ITWIST 2018 (arxiv link soon).

Quantity over Quality: Dithered Quantization for Compressive Radar Systems

In this second blog-post we present a work submitted in RadarConf2019, where the range recovery of targets using highly quantized data is studied. Compared to the previous post (presented in COSERA2018), we study more deeply the trade-off between the number of measurements and their resolutions for a fixed bit-rate or bit-budget, i.e., a comparison between quantity and quality.

1-bit Localization Scheme for Radar using Dithered Quantized Compressed Sensing

In this article we investigate how to still achieve 2-D localization using FMCW radar and by reducing the bit-rate of the sampled data by \(94\%\) using 1-bit quantized dithered compressive sensing.

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