Here is the Arxiv link to the paper that we presented to RFID-TA which is a project that we worked on for ESA. We developed in collaboration with the University of Bologna an UWB position system that worked in real time and was powered remotely.

The final demonstration was done in the offices of ESA in the Netherlands, where we demonstrated that our system could localized a rover with an UWB sensor that was battery-less and powered through UHF. We achieved close to sub-centimeter accuracy.

Here is the abstract :

An ultra-wide bandwidth (UWB) remote-powered positioning system for potential use in tracking floating objects inside space stations is presented. It makes use of battery-less tags that are powered-up and addressed through wireless power transfer in the UHF band and embed an energy efficient pulse generator in the 3-5 GHz UWB band. The system has been mounted on the ESA Mars Rover prototype to demonstrate its functionality and performance. Experimental results show the feasibility of centimeter-level localization accuracy at distances larger than 10 meters, with the capability of determining the position of multiple tags using a 2W-ERP power source in the UHF RFID frequency band.

Here is also a more detailed description of the set-up